The Quest for Fountain Pen Friendly Paper

I’ve always had a bit of an “out-sized enthusiasm” for pens and pencils and paper etc., as long as I can remember. Even in early childhood I was fascinated with the Big Chief writing tablets and those giant pencils with the metallic paint, more than any other part of the learning process. You’d think thatContinue reading “The Quest for Fountain Pen Friendly Paper”

Requiem for the American Dream

I just watched this film on Netflix featuring Noam Chomsky. While some of what he presents is no news to me, the way he presents it is concise and wonderfully articulated. Although the initial message is kind of a downer, the film ends on a positive note. Very much worth watching, especially for the youngerContinue reading “Requiem for the American Dream”

Wrong-think and Vaccines

I’m not anti-vaccine. The data proving the benefits of vaccines since their invention is overwhelming. They save lives. They make lives better, easier, more illness-free. They are the magic bullet of eliminating illness and should be compulsory. Oops, hold on there. What? Compulsory? Magic bullet? Really? This seems to be the summary of the narrativesContinue reading “Wrong-think and Vaccines”

Confessions of a Documentary Junkie

I admit it, I like them. I always have, but never as much as in recent years. The quality is higher than ever and I’m getting older than ever- I suppose that’s enough to explain it. Here’s a short list of my recent faves. Abstract – Seems there are some wonderful gems buried in there for anyoneContinue reading “Confessions of a Documentary Junkie”