June Already

Somehow it’s already almost halfway through 2017. It’s really true how time goes by faster as one gets older. Oh, sure it’s only “perceived” as faster, but isn’t time defined mostly as a perceived phenomenon? Sure, we’ve invented timekeeping devices to make empirical measurements, but I think anyone who has waited in line at the DMV office or had a brilliantly fun day at the beach knows darn good and well that time passage has very little to do with the seconds on the clock. That’s just the measuring device to add up how we perceived it, not the other way around.

Take this test. Train yourself to ignore the clock, and only look at it when you feel “a while” has gone by. Jot down how long the clock said went by and what you were doing. Do this for a week, then tabulate the results. Does the clock reveal it runs slow when you are having something tedious to deal with? Does it not always run faster when you are having a lot of enjoyment? This is the clock’s way of telling you how much fun you are having.

So, as we get older, time starts really flying by. That must mean we older folks just have a lot more fun.

Published by Ryjor

Is this the self-aggrandizing section? OK, so in summary I'm an over-experienced writer, engineer, software developer, designer, teacher, and amateur musician. Father, brother, son, I'm just moving through life trying to leave the world a better place than I found it.

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