Confessions of a Documentary Junkie

I admit it, I like them. I always have, but never as much as in recent years. The quality is higher than ever and I’m getting older than ever- I suppose that’s enough to explain it. Here’s a short list of my recent faves.

Abstract – Seems there are some wonderful gems buried in there for anyone in the arts as a way to make a living. I advise paying close attention to details. Slick production makes it entertaining for anyone to watch, not just people in the arts.

The Sixties/The Seventies/The Eighties – From CNN but Tom Hanks is one of the exec producers, how could it be bad? Wonderful historical info in there even for those of us who lived through it. I can confirm the accuracy of the bits I know first hand, so I extrapolate the rest is worth believing.

Beware of Mr. Baker – I love music, and also captivated by factual info about my favorite artists. Or really any artist that’s had success. I have heard much scuttlebutt over the years about Ginger Baker but enjoyed the reality of this documentary. Netflix has this and many other wonderful 60’s-70’s musical group and artist docs I won’t list here, so far all have been worth watching.

Published by Ryjor

Is this the self-aggrandizing section? OK, so in summary I'm an over-experienced writer, engineer, software developer, designer, teacher, and amateur musician. Father, brother, son, I'm just moving through life trying to leave the world a better place than I found it.

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